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Ending Human Trafficking

My greatest passion in life is for children to know they have worth and value. I hope through the Princess Gabby Girl series they will feel the love popping off the pages and into their hearts. I am also driven by my compassion for children who are forced into modern day slavery.

10% of the net proceeds from every sale of this book will be donated to help stop the horrors of human trafficking.  


Operation Underground Railroad

OUR Rescue is my new all time favorite!  As of July 2018 these amazing people have rescued well over 1,148 women and children and 567 traffickers have been arrested since their inception Dec. of 2013!  Join me in supporting them at!   Saving one person at a time!


Youth for Tomorrow

Youth for Tomorrow Girls on a Journey program is one of those places providing support to girls who have been victims of human trafficking. YFT provides a home to heal in a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Because of YFT these young girls coming from unimaginable circumstances will hopefully feel sparkly again, one day soon!

If you would like to help or find out more…


Mary Mazzio - #Iamjanedoe

So honored to meet the documentary filmmaker Mary Mazzio.  #Iamjanedoe is about the epic battle of trafficking on the internet.  “I Am Jane Doe” chronicles several American mothers waging battle against sex-traffickers who lured their middle-school daughters into their business on, as part of the Village Voice.  Read more...

Andrea Powell - @fairgirlsinc

Leading efforts to #endhumantrafficking in the US & beyond! @mccaininstitute

Andrea Powell-cofounder of @fairgirlsinc leading efforts to #endhumantrafficking! @mccaininstitute

Cindy McCain


Cindy McCain is #endhumantrafficking in her back yard in the US & beyond! @mccaininstitute!  And the talented Kim Harshaw!  (Advocate)

A21 Walk - w/Laura Dunlop "Voice Over Woman"

image22 is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They are abolitionists of the 21st century. They work with you to free slaves and disrupt the demand.  

Princess Gabby Girl


10% of the net proceeds from every sale of this book will be donated to help stop the horrors of human trafficking.  

OUR - Operation Underground Railroad


I discovered OUR when Jerry visited our Nations Capitol for a fundraiser at the Washington Harbor.  Researching the event I knew there was something special and I had to come meet him!