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Like pretty much all 5-year-old girls, my daughter, Libbie, LOVES princesses. Our home echoes with Frozen songs, is coated in glitter and sequins, and Libbie’s bedroom radiates pink. She is a girly-girl all the way.

So when Camille Battaglia’s team sent us this new book, Princess Gabby Girl and the Sparkly Dress my daughter had it open and was looking through it before I could even touch it myself. It doesn’t hurt that one of my daughter’s best friends is named Gabby, so Libbie recognized that word.

Princess Gabby Girl is a moral tale about a young princess who finds a gorgeous sparkly gown in a secret wardrobe. She’s told by Miss Marvelous, an only semi-creepy woman in a mirror, that to keep her dress sparkling, she must be kind and do good deeds. Based on Matthew 5:14-16 (You are the light of the world), this very pink tale is a nice alternative to traditional princess paperbacks.


If your child is as obsessed with pink and princesses as mine is, you should grab up a copy of Princess Gabby Girl and the Sparkly Dress It will incite some good conversations about being the light of the world and shining brightly with kindness.

"We Have a Winner! Larry Carpenter, Publisher


Princess Gabby Girl makes her Debut in the Big Apple at the Largest Book Show in the World!  "We have a winner!"  Says, Publisher, Larry Carpenter. #BEA

PoshSeven Magazine

"Princess story packs a powerful punch!"

"Princess story packs a powerful punch!" 

Article in PoshSeven Magazine


Always drawn to creativity, author and personal fashion stylist...has found her path to happiness in the children's book world.

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My youngest who is 8 had to pick 3 books for me to read to her class today as I was the guest reader and she picked your book! Everyone loved it especially the teacher!  Angie~

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"We've read it so many times we have to tape the pages..."


"Love this book! We've read it so many times I've had to tape the pages. Originally bought when my daughter was 2.5 and now a year later remains one of her favorites! We can't wait for more adventures !"  ❤️   Joy~

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Princess Tea Party

This is such a cute book. I bought it for a princess tea party at my church and it was so refreshing

This is such a cute book. I bought it for a princess tea party at my church and it was so refreshing that it is based off of a bible verse. Girls of all ages got this book as a gift and they were so excited. My daughter is a huge princess fan and loves to read. This book is the perfect story for any age girl.



Kathy Damico, (Director since 1981), and her Mother, the founder of the thriving... Manor Montessori School started in 1962.

"A truly wonderful story about the beauty of kindness, brought masterfully to life by the incredible illustrations!"By Lawrence Marks

“Inside was a beautiful pink dress that sparkled more than any dress she had ever seen before.”

By DelAnne 

“Kids can understand the these moral concepts through the use of a tangible object, the sparkly dress.”

By Nicole M.

Review, Terri ~ Roseville, CA


Just wanted to let you know that my granddaughter loved the Princess Gabby book. Her most exciting part was when Princess Gabby shared with her friend Chloe. Yep, my granddaughters name is Chloe. After we read it, as we would be doing things around the house, she would say "oh my dress is really shining today" or "oh, my dress is going to get dull" Love the scripture at the end of the book and the important message woven through the pages. Hope you will be writing another story soon. Blessings

SUSAN LAPIERRE President of the Board of Trustees Youth For Tomorrow


“Camille Battaglia’s Princess Gabby Girl and The Sparkly Dress is a delightful and charming book for young readers who will certainly be drawn in by its spirited main character, engaging story and colorful illustrations. But in the same way that Princess Gabby discovers there is more to her fancy dress than meets the eye, readers will discover that this is more than just a cute story.”

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Shaza Andersen – CEO of Washington First Bank

“Camille has a great eye and a savvy sense of  style.  She always finds the perfect piece to complete any look.  Creative and caring, I know I can go to her with anything. Best of all, Camille keeps me looking like me—my personal style is never overlooked.”


“How do you go from being a ‘Stay at Home Mom’ to ‘Wife of the Ambassador’ overnight? Camille Battaglia–that’s how!

"When my husband was asked to be the U.S. Ambassador to India, I had less than three months to pack up four kids and a dog and move halfway around the world.

Worrying about my wardrobe was not something I had time for, but I knew how important it would be once I arrived in Delhi and hit the ground running. I don’t know what I would have done without Camille.  She spent boundless energy evaluating my needs, my style, and my budget.  She was happy to shop either with me or for me.

Camille has a keen sense of style and trends, but she doesn’t just consider what’s popular at a given time.  She takes time to understand her client, considering what works for an individual’s career, age, personality, culture, style and body type.  She even worked with my existing wardrobe and put together outfits that I hadn’t considered but that were there all along. Camille Battaglia is the perfect fit for the busy woman who wants to look polished, but doesn’t necessarily have the time or ability to make it happen.”

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Kind words from the Bride..."Camille, Without you I would not have had such an amazing dress and felt so beautiful that day!" Dianne~